Episode 269: Easy to Implement Activities to Improve Vocabulary and Comprehension (Takeaways from The Ron Clark Academy) - EB Academics

Episode 269: Easy to Implement Activities to Improve Vocabulary and Comprehension (Takeaways from The Ron Clark Academy)

On this episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast, Megan interviews Jessica to get all the exciting details from her visit to the legendary Ron Clark Academy. They’re covering some seriously cool strategies to amp up your vocabulary and comprehension skills for middle schoolers. Everything from fun and engaging games to using tech for personalized learning, Jessica’s got the inside scoop on all the awesome ideas she gathered while there. Tune in as they break it all down and chat about how we can bring these strategies into our own classrooms.

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[00:03:00] Jessica paints the scene of exactly what her experience at the Ron Clark Academy entailed. She dives straight in describing the set up of the various classrooms and the incredible teaching she was able to observe. She begins by describing one of Michael Bonner’s lessons!

[00:11:00] Jessica reminds listeners that sometimes, you walk away from great PD’s with so many ideas buzzing in your brain that it can be overwhelming to attempt to use them all. So she reassures us that she’s keeping a list of engaging activities to incorporate into your future EB Academics lessons, but she’s going to try sharing some of the more easy to implement activities in this episode.

[00:14:00] Jessica dives into an engaging vocabulary activity she observed Corey Collins demonstrating with his students!

[00:17:50] We hear about creative and engaging ways to incorporate AI into your classroom instruction to create memorable moments for your students!

[00:25:17] Jessica shares about how you can connect and learn from the Ron Clark Academy teachers at https://ronclarkacademy.com/meet-the-team/! She suggest you find and connect with them on your socials to watch as they share their favorite strategies!

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