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Episode 270: Science of Reading – Building Reading Comprehension at the Middle School Level

On this episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast, Caitlin and Jessica welcome Patricia Abel, EB Academics’ curriculum writer, and veteran ELA teacher, to discuss building reading comprehension with our middle school students. Reading comprehension is a large part of the Science of Reading that directly relates to your middle school classroom, and we are making sure you have practical strategies to easily implement inside your classroom. Tune in as they spend time breaking it all down in this episode!

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[00:02:00] Caitlin kicks off this episode by introducing Patricia Abel, and we hear about Pat’s journey to becoming the curriculum writer for EB Academics.

[00:04:33] Jessica reminds listeners of the components of the Science of Reading and explains how reading comprehension strategies are at the core of every EB Academics unit that Pat writes. Pat further explains examples of how this research-based practice is utilized in the development of new units. Utilizing pre-reading activities, summarizing strategies, and re-reading as strong comprehension-building techniques are a few ideas discussed.

[00:19:30] Caitlin poses the question: “What is the significance of incorporating high-level questions within our reading lessons, and how do you develop the right questions?”. Pat provides a list of her favorite essential questions that work with any text and explains why these styles of questions will consistently push your students to think deeper about what they’re reading.

[00:25:30] Pat continues the conversation by explaining her best advice for assisting struggling readers with their comprehension in the middle school classroom and ways to support students with understanding the texts they’re reading by building background and perspective before diving into higher-level questions.

[00:30:00] Caitlin, Pat, and Jessica wrap up this episode by discussing practical ways to help build our students’ passion for reading even when it seems impossible!

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