About - EB Academics

We’re Caitlin and Jessica.

And this all started when we were both teaching ELA across the hall from one another at a school in L.A.

One summer, we launched an ELA camp to help students get ahead for the summer, using the frameworks we’d developed for our own classrooms. It was a runaway success, and we realized that we wanted to share what we’d discovered with other teachers.

Because frameworks didn’t just make us better teachers…

They also simplified our planning and grading processes, so we had time to do the other things in life. Like read bedtime stories to our kids, squeeze in a long run, or just sit back on the sofa with a new episode of Grey’s and a glass of Chianti Classico.

Caitlin says: Jessica is the queen of batch planning—and the brilliant creative mind that makes sure both students and teachers have a blast with our activities. (Those escape rooms? All her.)

Jessica says: Caitlin always has big, HUGE ideas—and the organizational skills to pull them off. She’s also the one who’s going to remind you that, when you’re having a bad day, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first.