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December 12, 2018 2 min read

Welcome! We’re Caitlin and Jessica, and we founded EB Academics because we wanted to create an online community for Middle School ELA teachers where you can find everything you need to teach reading and writing 🙂 (and to make your…

12 Days of Holidays Exclusive Event

December 10, 2018 1 min read

You’re officially invited to the “12 Days of Holidays” exclusive event! As a way to express our sincerest gratitude during this time of giving, we are hosting a special event over in the EB Academics Teachers Pay Teachers store. Throughout the month…



Hi there! We're two middle school ELA teachers with a mission to share ideas, tips, and tricks for effectively teaching reading and writing in the secondary classroom. We're so happy you stopped by!

Caitlin + Jessica

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  • It’s Saturday! Which means I’m sharing my friend @writeonwithmissg for the day and this awesome speed dating idea for your ELA classroom! If you swipe right, you’ll also see some of her creative bulletin boards 🤗❤️ Abby reminds me SO much of myself when I taught HS and makes me miss it! Gatsby! The Crucible! Ugh, love and miss it all! Are you a @writeonwithmissg fan, too? #instagoodteachers
  • 🎉 C E L E B R A T E with us! 🎉 •
When Jessica and I sat down together in June of 2014 to create our company, EB Academic Camps, we had a totally different vision for where we would take the company than where it is now. We poured our hearts and souls into something that just didn’t work. And it was incredibly disappointing at the time ...
BUT, I totally believe that everything works out as it should ... AND let me tell you that it really has. Through our blog and ELA resources, we feel like we’re really working together with YOU to create more engaging and effective experiences for students in your ELA classroom❤️
Most importantly, your support of us has allowed both of us to spend part of our time at home with our young children. It is because of YOU that we are able to spend part of the week doing something we LOVE (teaching) and the other part of the week doing two other things we LOVE (spending time with our sweet boys and creating more resources and content for you). So truly, thank YOU for helping us stay home part-time with our children. It is a gift and words cannot thank you enough ❤️
So, with all that being said, we want to invite you to come join us on the blog and enter to win some amazing resources and prizes as we say a genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued support over the years!!
Link in profile or here -> bit.ly/EBgiveaway
Caitlin + Jessica
And a HUGE thank you to the following teachers who so kindly donated a resource of their own in celebration with us!
  • Double tap if this made you giggle 😂😂 What is the best way to spread holiday cheer in your classroom? Mine is using correct MLA format the first time since we’ve been doing it for MONTHS! 🤣 📸 @theteachinggeek #teacherhumor
  • Even though it was ONE OF THOSE DAYS, our mindfulness teacher taught us today to look for the silver lining 🍎 So with that, I’m trying to see the positive. I have a job I love, a roof over my head, a family that means the world to me, and so much more. As we are in the thick of it right now leading up to break, I challenge you to find YOUR silver lining and tell me about it in the comments. Let’s change our thoughts and change our lives. Because we get out what we put forth ❤️ Sending you good vibes on this tough Tuesday 😘 #teachertip #teacherinspiration #weloveteachers
  • Dude. Double tap if you felt like you needed 23 cups of coffee today 😆 I was EXHAUSTED. 🍎
I’ve gotten to a strange point in my life where I can’t really SLEEP anymore. My mind is just constantly racing, thinking, worrying. I end up not falling asleep until well after 11, when in reality, I’d love to be out by 9:30. 🍎
As teachers, I feel like we’re always doing this though throughout the year. Worrying. Working HARD. Thinking. You know - everything. And then when break hits, it’s just jammies and movies all day. 🍎
And my friend, we are CLOSE. Winter break is just around the corner for most of us, and we’ve got this! We can get there! ... now where’s my 5th cup of coffee? (Or in my case, Red Bull since I don’t drink coffee 😆)
Hang in there 😘
  • 🍎 Tell me in the comments, what’s the HARDEST PART of teaching right now? For me, it’s trying not to be so hard on myself to be a *perfect* teacher (which I know will never be attainable). I put SO much pressure on myself, and it just eats me up sometimes. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling ... So let’s share and then lift each other up since many of us probably feel the same way as others! It’s good to know we’re not alone ❤️ 📸 @jennakutcher #teacherinspiration #iteachtoo #teachercommunity #ebteachers

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